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As with an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) your range/MPG will very on a number of factors from weather, driving style, speed, terrain, etc.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range have a 310 mile range.

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range have a 260 mile EPA estimate.

Tesla Model 3 Standard Range, when available, will have a 220 mile range.

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Honestly when I first took ownership of my Model 3 “range anxiety” was a concern as this was my first electric vehicle. Then my fiancee and I took a road trip from Florida to Georgia and thenNorth Carolina. The anxiety quickly disappeared as there are a number of superchargers across North America, even when traveling to rural areas, that make the trip possible.

Supercharging does require a small amount of planning, could be as simple as utilizing the in-car navigation or a little more planning using 3rd party options, such asĀ A Better Route Planner.

Supercharging does also require extra time, but for our road trip we planned our charges around breaks for breakfast, lunch, restroom and stretch breaks so we used them to our advantage and would have been the same stops, sans charging, if we used an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicle.

Couple the road trip with Destination Charging and you can be away from your nightly charging routine for easily weeks. We stayed just south of the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina at a resort without a destination charger and about 50 miles form the nearest Supercharger and had no issues anytime during our vacation.

Category: Range

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