As of March 21st, 2019 Tesla awards 1,000 free Supercharge miles to new owners that order a Model S, 3 or X (Y is not included) when you use my referral link.

Please see below FAQ I am often asked when discussing Tesla.


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Most Tesla owners charge at home typically overnight giving themselves a “full tank” each morning. Home charging rate will depend on the type of plug you have installed, but can add 37 miles of range per hour on a 240V, 50A outlet.

While on a longer road trip that requires a charge the best place to charge is at a Tesla Supercharger. Depending on the Supercharger, number of available slots, state of charge and temperature Superchargers can add 170 miles of range per 30 minutes for a Long Range Model 3.

You can find Superchargers using Tesla’s Interactive Map or though the in-car navigation.

The other option are Destination Chargers or Public Chargers. These locations are often Level 2 chargers and charge at a rate closer to like charging at home. Some are provided at no-cost while others charge a small usage fee. I would recommend using Tesla’s Interactive Map, Chargepoint and PlugShare to find these charging locations.

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Tesla has stated that they do not want the Superchargers to be a profit center and will pass on the cost at the lowest possible rate.

  • All new Tesla vehicles require a fee to Supercharge.
  • Where possible, owners are billed per kWh (kilowatt-hour), which is the most fair and simple method. In other areas, we bill for the service per minute.
  • Pricing to use a Supercharger may vary by location, and prices may change from time to time. All prices include taxes and fees.
  • Average pricing information is provided on Tesla’s site and specific pricing for each Supercharger location is shown in the navigation application on the vehicle touchscreen.

Please visit the Tesla Supercharger page for more information,

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