Most Tesla owners charge at home typically overnight giving themselves a “full tank” each morning. Home charging rate will depend on the type of plug you have installed, but can add 37 miles of range per hour on a 240V, 50A outlet.

While on a longer road trip that requires a charge the best place to charge is at a Tesla Supercharger. Depending on the Supercharger, number of available slots, state of charge and temperature Superchargers can add 170 miles of range per 30 minutes for a Long Range Model 3.

You can find Superchargers using Tesla’s Interactive Map or though the in-car navigation.

The other option are Destination Chargers or Public Chargers. These locations are often Level 2 chargers and charge at a rate closer to like charging at home. Some are provided at no-cost while others charge a small usage fee. I would recommend using Tesla’s Interactive Map, Chargepoint and PlugShare to find these charging locations.